concrete flooring business

The concrete flooring business is massive. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity, especially in the polyaspartic coatings market.

Due to the quick cure and high performance of polyaspartic concrete coatings, entrepreneurs are building 7-figure concrete businesses in small markets with high-profit margins.

I ran my own concrete flooring business and now help other contractors build theirs. I understand how busy you are as a concrete flooring entrepreneur.

You wear countless hats when running your business. New staff? You’re the one who hires, trains and manages installers. Getting new clients? It’s you again, sending out proposals, collecting checks and paying team members.

Problems? You’re the one who assumes the risks. But when you have a great year, it also means you reap the rewards of a well-run business. 

Considering all the roles you take on as a business owner, here are 7 easy (and important!) tips for building your flooring business to the next level of success:


Concrete Flooring Business: 7 Easy Tips to Grow to 6 or 7 Figures!


1) Think Like a Marketer - There's a substantial difference between being an entrepreneur and being an installer. If you’re in this business, then no doubt you love creating floors. There’s something extremely satisfying about the challenges of polishing or resurfacing unattractive concrete and turning those floors into a gem. However, you need numerous clients if you want to fuel your passion. If you think about marketing your business and the return on investment rather than just getting jobs, you’ll have a productive business and generate a great deal of money too.


2) Build Your Local Brand – I’m fascinated with the opportunities with polyaspartic coatings. They cure quick with tremendous durability. Resurfacing a 500-square-foot garage floor takes 6 hours with a crew of two producing $1,000 to $1,500 profit. One new floor per day produces $200,000 in profit per year. This means you can build your concrete flooring business in a local area. If you market your brand, you will become the go-to resource. However, you must put off thinking like a floor installer and instead think like a marketer to build your brand.


3) Define Your Local Market – Without the internet, no one would ever know about your business yet with Facebook and Google Ad campaigns, you’ll be able to get all the business you need to build a healthy 6 or even 7-figure business in a 30-mile radius. Internet marketing provides concrete flooring entrepreneurs with an unprecedented opportunity – one that doesn’t require having to travel too far.


4) Don’t Discount Your Services – When you build an awesome brand, you’ll build an extensive track record in your local market making it hard for your competitors to compete with you.


5) Five-Star Reviews – Get a constant flow of 5-star reviews from your customers. Everyone today will check out your reviews online before considering you. There’s enormous power and brand recognition when your happy customers do the selling for you.


6) Build Systems – The more systems and checklists, the more efficient your business will become. Set processes allow for replication as well as simplification of the management process. Systems improve the quality of projects, customer experience, and profitability.


7) Professional Call Answering – Consumers become frustrated immediately when they call a business only for the call to go to voicemail. This is the consumer’s first experiences with your business. Many consumers don’t bother calling your competitors if you answer the phone professionally. If you use a professional call answering service, your business sounds extremely credible. A high-quality call answering system is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales.


If you find these 7 easy tips helpful, come visit us again for more business building advice for your concrete flooring company. If you need help to grow your business quickly, please give us a call!

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