Is Your Website Displaying Non Secure When Visitors Land on Your Site?

Don't Lose Your Traffic Due to a Non-Secure Website.

Any info shared on a non-secure site can be intercepted by a hacker.

non secure website alert on Google Chrome

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Is Your Website Hack Proof?

Website hacking is a real threat to every business owner. These cybercriminals want to steal your and your visitors' personal data such as passwords and email.

Did You Know? Facts about Sites without HTTPS

Daily Security Risk

30,000 websites are hacked daily according to Forbes

Businesses Targeted

65% of cyber attacks target small and medium-sized businesses according to Kelser Corporation

Expensive Breaches

Data Breaches will total over $2 Trillion in 2019 according to Juniper Research.

Total Site Breaches

Data Breaches per hour total 158,727 according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

What They Take

Cyber Criminals use personal data to make guesses about login credentials according to Larry Alton.

Secure Passwords

Poor passwords result in 81% of data breaches according to Trace Security.

Change Your Site from HTTP to HTTPS
Benefits of Our SSL Service

SSL Data Encryption

Encrypts web traffic to prevent data theft and tampering.

Search Ranking Boost

Search engines favor https websites.

No Mixed Content Issues

We redirect all visitors to your https site.

Faster Site Speed

Using SSL combined with content delivery network gives a faster, more secure and reliable internet experience. Improves page load speed.


Displaying lock in browser address bar increases website visitor trust.

Google Alert

We set up analytics with new version making Google aware your site is now on https. This avoids issues with indexing or loss of ranking due to change in URL from http to https.

Secure on All Browsers

We ensure that the site reads secure in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. Most hosting providers will install a certificate, but they typically don’t take the extra steps we do to make sure the site displays secure and to prevent loss of ranking. 

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