Mobile Websites For Concrete Contractors

Did You Know?

Mobile – 50% or more consumers view websites on mobile phones

I Do Everything Websites – Don’t produce like they did 2 years ago.

In the past few years, there have been 2 major changes to how consumers react to websites for concrete flooring, epoxy, and polyaspartic floor contractors.

Mobile First! Today, everyone is glued to their phones. Think about how you use your mobile phone. You use it for email, sending messages on Facebook, sharing content with your friends or associates, search on Google, chatting on Facebook and Instagram as well as viewing videos. Cell phones allow users to handle their banking, book trips and check the weather. 

Next, consider how your potential customer uses their phone when searching for your services.

Mobile Websites for Contractors: Important Considerations

The attention span of your concrete flooring customer flickers like a strobe light. In order to catch their attention, your ads and website need to be crystal clear. Your site should include an easy-to-click, call now feature along with a readily available contact form. Additional items to include: images of your work, flooring benefits, your own contact details, and testimonials.


The "I Do Everything" Websites don’t produce like they used to. What I mean is if your website says you do everything, like concrete stamping, overlays, epoxy, polyaspartics, polishing, countertops, and other construction services, your website visitor may get immediately distracted by all you offer and leave.


When a visitor lands on your page from a Google Search or Facebook Ad, they have something specific they are thinking about at that split second. When they click to your site, your page needs to immediately say what you do.


If you offer too many options, the consumer may become distracted and forget why they came to your site in the first place.


Below is an example of what I mean.


This is a Facebook ad for a garage floor. It looks like a Facebook post, though it is really an ad targeting a specific audience.


When a visitor clicks the ad, they are taken to a 1-page contractor website that offers polyaspartic resurfacing for garages, basements and small commercial floors.

Facebook Ad For Concrete Flooring Contractors


The Key Points You Need to Get Customers Contacting You From Your Mobile Website

  1. Clear Message
  2. Images of Work
  3. Phone access
  4. Contact Forms
  5. Benefits
  6. Details of Services
  7. Testimonials
  8. Local Map
  9. Address

Here's an example of a high converting website page:

mobile websites for contractors

Sample website for epoxy contractors

website for polyaspartic installer

Website For Concrete experts

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