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In 2001, while running a design-build business, I ran into a concrete flooring issue. We had just completed the transformation of an extremely unattractive auto shop cinder block building by refacing the façade.

The result was amazing. The first thing the owner said was “now, what are we going to do with this ugly concrete floor”?

At first, I said, let's just put down tile or a hardwood floor. I quickly learned the height of the first step from outside into the building was a code requirement. Tile or hardwood would have raised the height of the floor exceeding local code. The only solution was a thin, decorative, epoxy coating.

So, that’s what we did. We installed an epoxy. After that first project, we started getting inquiries for more epoxy flooring.

To keep our crew busy I started experimenting with Google to generate leads. Long story short, after much work and investment, I started generating more epoxy floors projects than we could handle. I started referring the leads to other contractors.

Before I knew it, I ended up with a marketing agency for concrete flooring contractors which led to marketing for equipment companies and suppliers.


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