Facebook Leads for Concrete Contractors

In Facebook ad testing, we've been able to generate 50 to 80 leads per month for concrete flooring professionals.

Now, before getting overly excited about the prospect of getting 50 to 80 leads per month, there are a few important things to know about the process.

Here are 7 things to consider when deciding to use Facebook ads for generating concrete flooring leads.


Business to Consumer or Business to Business

The myth is that Facebook is great for reaching the homeowner consumer, not business owners. The reality is everyone is on Facebook or associated with someone on Facebook. Example: A high-level construction manager saw a Facebook ad about a garage floor case study. Our client not only got the garage floor project, but construction manager referred him throughout their company, which led to many commercial projects. What started as a garage floor project led to a long-term repeat client.


Quick Response Required

Facebook Leads from paid ad campaigns come in many ways. They can be from a link to a website in the ad. When they land on a web page, they will either call or fill out a form. Call answering and email response needs a quick response. Often times consumers will ask for a quote right in the Facebook post, or they will ask for a quote via Messenger.


Type of Leads

Many leads are 400 SF to 2,500 SF. They are garage floors, basements, shop floors, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and warehouses. If you install polyaspartic coatings, these are perfect high-volume leads. You can get in and out of projects quickly. The highest profit is from specialization in polyaspartic chip floor systems. The more specialized you are, the more money you will make.


Geographic Areas

Unless you are in a major city, you need to target a geographic area of 30 to 45-mile radius of where you live or where you shop is located. The beauty of Facebook is the ability to target geographic areas as well as a specific consumer. If you want large commercial projects, you can target a broad geographic area. For garage floors, your target area will be smaller. Testing ads is a must to find what works best for you.


Type of Ads

Whatever type of ad you create, the campaign must include retargeting ads. These types of ads follow visitors from your website. If a first-time visitor clicks on your website from a Facebook ad, that’s called “Cold Traffic.” A website visitor who sees your ad and website over and over is called “Warm Traffic." Warm traffic offers the highest conversion to new customers. Your competitors are not doing this and likely don’t even know its possible. Once the retargeting setup is complete, the ads continue to display to those who visit your website.


Sales Pages

A sales page is like a 1-page website. When a consumer clicks your ad, the sales page should closely match the ad. At the top of the sales page, you need your company name, what you do and where. A clear message is essential. For example, your message focus may be "We Install Concrete Floor Coatings” or “We install garage floor coatings in 1 day." The page should also include a few pictures and descriptions of the type of floors you create, such as garages, warehouses, pool decks, and patios.


Facebook Ads

We highly recommend a small investment in Company Cam. This is a $12 per month app that enables you to upload your project photos right from your mobile phone into an online file for each project. Before and After pics with town, type of project, size and color will help to drive visitor clicks to your sales page. Add retargeting ads as I mentioned above and you are on your way to a lead-generating machine.


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